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670563582l.jpgA Letter from Emilia Renita Az

Salamun Alaikum, This is realy unfortunate. Part of the shias have fallen into the trap set by America (CIA) . This is dark day indeed. Those who think celebrating Saddam death is the proof of being true shia, they should understand that Saddam hanging is a drama set by America just to make shias celebrate so that america can easily start a full scale war between Sunni and Shias. You are doing exactly what wanted you to do. You are acting on their script!! created Saddam and Saddam was loyal to even in his death.

He fulfilled the american design while he lived and he fulfilled the american design even in his death.
1. First posed as friends of Arabs by supporting Saddam against Imam
Khomaini by creating a bogey of “rising Iranian influence” in 1980. Result: 10
lac dead in iraq-iran war. period 1980-1988. Saddam fully supported by
2. Then saddam was used to get a foothold in the oil rich areas by attacking
Kuwait and making bases in gulf. Result: American bases in Saudi Arabia,
Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain. Period 1990-1992. 1 lac Iraqi soldiers massacred
even after surrender by America.
3. Once bases were established the next step on agenda was to loot ‘s vast oil
wealth. Action: Killing 10 lac Iraqi children during sanctions and creating
divisons between various races in . Result : over 10 lac muslims dead, Sunni
(including Kurds) and Shias. 1992-2002.
4. Making friends with Shias by staging the drama of Saddam toppling and
execution. Ostensibly creating shia government. Internally all CIA people.
(First PM of “free” Iyad Alawi was a paid CIA employee just like Sadam!!)
Result 6.00 lac Iraqis killed in war and civil war. Period 2003-2006.
5. Last stage of the great American game: To make friends with Sunnis against
the rising “Shia Crescent” (Already discussed by King of Jordan, Saudi King
and Hosni Mubarak-all traitors and paid CIA employees). Result: Imminent
attack on with full support of american traitor regimes in the gulf, Division of
Iraq, more massacres, All out Shia Sunni war in the whole Middle east. (may
Allah forbid the same.!) Result: death on a scale never seen in the world.
Crores will die from to in this Shia Sunni war if the american plan succeeds.
(may Allah Forbid the same!.) Khuda na Khwasta.

The common people among Shia and Sunni are understanding this gameplan. Only some exremists and “laptop Mujahids” like you are not understanding and are becoming the tools in the hands of the American conspirators by celebrating Saddam death. America wanted you to celebrate Sadam hanging because that will help America in all-out Sunni shia war.

Please think:

1. Why saddam was tried for killing of 148 Shia people. Why not for massacre
of lacs of Kurds? (answer: Kurds are not Shias they are Sunnis. Hence
Saddam hanging for this crime would not have served the purpose of
America.) (further, the chemical weapons used against Kurds were supplied
by only America).
2. Why Saddam was not killed while he was captured? (answer: because he
was to be made a “martyr” against the Shia government of Iraq).
3. Why the court proceedings of Saddam were televised? (answer: so that he
could become a hero and the bathists in get a chance to get energy and
vigour against the shia government so that civil war could be started in ).
4. Why his hanging was televised? (Answer: so that he could be declared to be
a brave man who was not afraid of death and a Martyr. This image of
Saddam in the minds of Muslims will help american dream in middle east).

(Can any one in the right sense believe that the hanging video was made and distributed without approval from America?) is controlled by Jews and they are ready to sacrifice a few thousand American soldiers if in the process they could kill millions of Iraqis and create civil war in .


1. To control Oil wealth.
2. To create more artificial nations in middle east like and Kuwait and Jordan.
(because its easy to control divided nations rather than united nations).
3. To secure the illegitimate and bastard state of Israel.
4. To kill as many Muslims as possible.

How to avoid this trap:

Shia and Sunnis people must develop understanding and friendship. (The governments will try to avoid that because governments are paid by CIA). So, the responsibilty lies on common people, intellectuals, Ulema, writers, thinkers, doctors, teachers, artists etc. Make the Shia-Sunni bond so much strong that no CIA paid king or dictator can tear that. Once that happens, the next step will be to topple the CIA paid rulers in, Saudi Arabia, Yordan, Egypt etc. Their own sunni people will do that with a little guidance from Shias. Just need understanding, empathy and sympathy. Once that happens, the Middle east will be saved. Stupid and childish acts like distibuting sweets on the dramatic hanging of a dictator will only make the atmosphere bad. Common Enemies of Islam: Shia and Sunni extremists who dont want Islam to thrive. They want only their own sect to thrive which is not possible. Islam will thrive only if both the sects thrive. Those who have made a career out of Sunni Shia dispute should be shunned by the ppl. Congratulations to every one on this great day with Imam Ali (as) message. Oppose the oppressor and support the oppressed. Oppression and tyranny are the worse companions for the Hereafter. Source Nahjul Balagha. Inshallah you all are invited to Dar Al Islam @ 6pm to celebrate “Iraqi Style”. We should remember in our celebrations that we should celebrate like Muslims.

Happy Ied-al Ghadir..

Wasalam & Duas,

Emilia Renita Az


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